I was so focused on building my organization and caught up in the day to day hustle, that I forgot what living life is really all about — people helping each other. Being involved in Kokua.org reminds me what is important and gives me a network of similarly minded people.

I reached out to the community through Kokua.org by offering what our business can uniquely provide and share. In a short time, we’ve been able to HELP other groups and businesses with their needs and build relationships with key individuals, who are helping our organization through our current stages of growth and development.

Donna Blanchard
Managing Director
Kumu Kahua Theatre


I heard about Kokua.org at a conference and supported the concept immediately. As an executive recruiter, matching the right people with the right opportunity is key, much like how Kokua.org strives to connect resources with non-profit to give them a hand. I’ve seen it happen. Working with the team at Kokua.org is a natural fit. I’ve met wonderful, engaged community members and have increased my social network through work with this organization.

Kimi Takazawa
Executive Search Consultant
Inkinen & Associates


Kokua.org has been a great way to connect people and to use my skill set to help others. I’ve also made wonderful friends in the process.

Darin Leong
Marr Jones & Wang


Being surrounded by positive people who want to help others has affirmed my value and belief that it is what we were put on Earth to do.

Kokua.org exudes the spirit of kokua, something that exists unfulfilled in many peoples hearts because they want to help, but don’t know where to help and who to help. Through the “meet-ups” at Kokua.org, I’ve been able to meet new people and build stronger relationships while sharing my expertise and talents to pay-it-forward.

Thank you!!!

Paul Chapman
Sales & Business Development Manager
Vertaccount Hawaii Inc.


I came to Kokua.org offering to help connect people to others in my network, and seeking new board members for nonprofit organizations I’m a part of. These organizations were searching for up-and-coming leaders who can bring fresh perspectives, ideas, and connections to the board. At the Kokua.org events, I was fortunate to have conversations with Chris Lee and Darryl Nakamoto, both of whom are young leaders who want to give back to the community through nonprofit board service. We spoke about their skills and interests, and I was able to match them with nonprofits whose missions appealed to them. Chris has already joined a Board, and Darryl will soon be voted onto the Board of another nonprofit. Both will be great board members. I’m grateful to Kokua.org for helping these nonprofits build better Boards!

Leigh-Ann Miyasato
Executive Director
Entrepreneurs Foundation of Hawaii


It’s amazing how Kokua.org works. Our company has a community minded culture so when I saw that the non profit organization NEI Hawaii needed computers, I located unused computers in our office and donated them to NEI. It feels good to be able to make a positive impact on a community organization with our business.

Jon Yee
IT Manager
Proservice Hawaii


I am so grateful for meeting Darryl Nakamoto at a Kokua.org lunch event. I’ve always had my own random way of tracking my financials, but Darryl took the time to show me a systematic approach to looking at the numbers. This has helped me get a handle on my business and see things more clearly for operations.

I also met Ben Ancheta and found out that we both have Montessori Schooling in common. Ben wanted to do an article on me as a Montessori alum and when I found out that the non profit organization that he’s on the board with (Good Beginnings Alliance) needed help trying to figure out a crowdfunding campaign, I immediately introduced him to my friends at IslandFunder.com to help them out. Nothing like paying it forward with a five minute favor.

Thank you Kokua.org for introducing me to like-minded people who are willing to help me short term and build long-term relationships to help each other in the long run.

Rechung Fujihira
The Box Jelly


I attended a few Kokua.org events with the sole intention of helping other participants. However, by just sharing a little bit about a new project (the Purple Mai’a Foundation), a surge of help came MY way! I met Alison Lum, who introduced me to the OJT (On-the Job-Training) program, which allowed us to make our first hire. Kari Leong introduced me to Dawn Dunbar of After-School All-Stars Hawaii, and we working on a potentially exciting collaboration.

The group that makes up Kokua.org is special; plenny of kokua to go around to help build and connect our community for a better future for all!

Donavan Kealoha
Asio Corp.


I do multiple lunches/coffees per week meeting with people, offering and asking for assistance. I feel like the 2 hours I spent at the Kokua.org event saved me 8-10 hours in meeting and travel time! It was hugely productive and I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

Ben Ancheta
Chief Revenue Officer
Proservice Hawaii


As a person who is more analytical and creative, I usually don’t attend “networking” type events. However, Kokua.org is different and special. It has helped me to connect with community leaders and become involved with meaningful activities. I enjoy the time “unplugging” from technology and building real, meaningful relationships with others while being able to use my expertise to help others and pay it forward.

Collin Kobayashi
3D Innovations


Kokua.org has been an amazing experience. Being new to Hawai’i I wanted to find an opportunity to network and see where I could provide some assistance and help other organizations. What I found was a group of impassioned leaders focused on not just solving their own issues but dedicated to working with each other to solve everyone’s issues. At Kokua.org, I have found board opportunities, volunteer opportunities, fantastic introductions and friends. And through all of that, we are solving issues that make organizations and communities stronger.

Jim Murphy
Account Representative
American Cancer Society


I have always felt it was important to give back and thought providing my experience to a non-profit organization would be a good place to start. I was invited to participate in a Kokua.org event and was able to connect with several people to help me get started. I am now being considered to serve on a Board of Directors for a non-profit organization and I have been able to help a few people better understand their organization’s financial needs. Since I have had the good fortune to be work in various industries and in broad spectrum of roles from accounting to making strategic business decisions, I was pleased that I could use my experience to help out others. The discussions took a little longer than a normal 5-minute favor, but I have been told it has made positive impact in their organizations! Kokua.org has been the ideal organization to allow me to meet my goal of giving back.

Darryl Nakamoto
Partner and CEO
Kaiuli Energy, LLC


The Kokua Event #4 was an invaluable 2 hours for me. Walked in the room with a specific offer for free advertising on TheBus and 5 separate members accepted it in minutes. I’m very satisfied about supporting other’s needs. Thanks again Evan and the Kokua Team.

Jeffrey Zimmerman